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To be shown over an outside course and judged on performance and soundness.

Entry Fees: $50 per class or $125 for the division


Under Saddle and Hunter Hack Classes:

Horses are shown at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring. Light contact with the horse’s mouth is required. Horses should be obedient, alert, responsive, and move freely. They should not be eliminated for slight errors.


Judges may ask horses to hand gallop collectively, one way of the ring (no more than eight will be asked to hand gallop at one time.) All horses being considered for an award must be serviceable sound.


To be eligible for an under saddle class counting toward a Championship, horses must be entered in at least one full point class over obstacles in the same section during the competition. To maintain awards or points won in the aforementioned classes, the competitor must complete the course in at least one class.



The Champion and Reserve Champion titles are awarded to the top two of the four horses that acquired the most points performing over a regulation course with obstacles at the full height required in the section in which shown, except under the provisions of HU112. In addition to these points, only these four horses, receive full points for ribbons won in one Under Saddle class. No entry fee.




Fences not to exceed 2’6". See USEF MO191.7. Champion and Reserve awards will be presented to the high point entries in Jumper classes.



This award will be given to the horse that exemplifies excellence and versatility in the Morgan Sport Horse Arena. Registration for this award must be made with Selina Cloutier prior to the start of the show. The Registration form can be found at the end of the NEMHS prize list and may be dropped off at the Ribbon and Trophy booth located next to the announcer’s booth at the Grand Stand Ring. You may also email or call 603-953-3470 if you would like the form emailed prior to your arrival in Northampton.

The high point total will be calculated from a total of not more than 10 qualifying classes from at least three of the following divisions

1) Hunter over Fences
2) Jumper
3) Dressage
4) Western Dressage
5) Carriage
6) Sport Horse In Hand

Points will be awarded as follows: 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
10 8 6 4 2 0 0 0

Tiebreaker will be determined by the highest placing horse in the Sport Horse In Hand class.

 Awards - Champion Ribbon and Plaque will be awarded to the High Point Winner. Ribbons will be awarded Reserve through eighth place.

 Scoresheets must be submitted by 4:30 PM Saturday

 Champions - The Champion and Reserve are invited to be part of the presentation at 6:45 Saturday evening along with the dressage awards.